Morrígans Sky

jms-MorrígansSky This is my most favorite of the three, but the least suited to a photo. The original, up close and personal, sparkles. Little flecks of gold, green, black, blue decorate the background, touched by my own hands from a spree of painting outside, at midnight, in the rain. The feathers of the crow shine with blues, purples, reds and a touch of green, so subtle you have to be breathing the air that has touched the canvas. She’s imposing, no question, but also not what I envisioned. There lies the flaw, she is not quite positioned correctly on the canvas, could have been just a little bigger, a little more striking, and the background sparkle just a little bit brighter.

All the same, Morrígans Sky, 30×30 inch oil on canvas, freed me in a way few of my previous paintings have. While the impromptu spattering of paint at midnight seems mad, and at the time, it felt mad, it planted in my head the idea that it was okay to touch my art, to use more than a brush to transform the idea in my mind to a physical thing. Because of this painting, I am reaching out to my new works, sliding paint with fingers (don’t worry – using safety precautions such as gloves while I work with oils), and finding ways to really dance with my canvases.

Which makes my heart dance all the more.