“One Flame”

I told you I wasn’t done with phoenixes! While this is essentially a reproduction of a previous work – or a return to the original sketch, if you prefer – the colors in this digital painting are far from the original color palette.
Instead of staying with fire red, brilliant orange, yellow and white, I turned instead to intense hot-pinks, purples, blues, and crimson to blend with the bright orange, yellow and whites.
It was a great deal of fun to follow the original concept through the process of a digital painting. While I adore many various programs for painting, I am completely pleased with ArtRage. I’ve had the program for about 2 years, but I’m finding that it continues to unveil new techniques and skills with the program.
For “One Flame” I turned to the airbrush, and enjoyed using the possibility to overlay a faint hint of color over another. Markers were used to block out the edges, creating an unusual border.

It makes a really cool tshirt, too.


Poetry: Love

Love: vague, vital.
Some find love
in the eternal burning of the sun.
Others find love Dandelion Loves Bee
in the dance of dandelion and bee.

Oh, but the passing
passion and devotion
between bee and dandelion,
is no less significant
than love like the fire of the sun.

Love: complicated, captivating.
Dandelion welcomes bee,
with its sweet perfume, and open leaves.
Full of delightful nectar,
with the summer sun in many petals.

The bee loves the dandelion no less,
But must move on.
The dandelion loves the bee no less,
But has changed.
Their passionate, nourishing moment . . .
. . . done.

                                                                               ~jms 2012


I haven’t meant to neglect this blog lately. 

I haven’t been neglecting my art… I’ve been quite busy at it, actually. I decided to make a facebook page for myself…public facebook artist page…scary. I’ve also started a little cafepress store so that I may more easily share some of my work. 

Of course, some select originals are for sale. My walls are full, folks. Actually, my darling Husband says the walls are full. I see a few inches…

I also have some new(ish) poetry that will be scheduled to go up soon…

Off to be creative. Or finish that homework.