Oil Paintings!!!1!

WIP-IlluminationSo, the other day, I mentioned how badly I wanted to paint with oils again. I have found a little space, in our little space, where I could sit and paint, with real paint…and found some time.

This WIP (work in progress) is actually on “paper canvas,” which is kind of perfect because I left my big easel (well loved and very stable, which I built myself) behind for the artist returning to the house. I hope she’s gotten some use out of it and that it has served her well… But I digress…Back to the paper canvas. I was leery when it said “suitable for oils,” but it really is holding up well. I am not using super impasto strokes, or loads of thinner as I am inclined to do, but it treats the brushes as if it is canvas, and holds the paint nicely without much warping and thus far, no twisting.

I am not surprised that the fist thing I painted with real oils is a phoenix. I adore them. I adore the way painting one makes me feel — no matter how angry, sad, or joyous I am, they always bring me to a really contented, joyful place. Maybe if I ever get a little bit famous I’ll be known as “The Phoenix Lady.” Hah!

I will, of course, come back and hopefully do another post when I finish this fun little Phoenix.  

(WIP-Illumination: 9″x12″, Oil on Canvas Paper)




With a little time, I was able to put these phoenixes together. It’s good to be able to work on my art a bit… This, like most of my recent work, was completed in one sitting, less than two hours. It is also sharpie art, on paper canvas.
I really love working with sharpies (though I cannot wait to get my hands in some oil paint again), but the trouble with sharpies and canvas, is they pick up the gesso and gum up their tips. I have discovered that if you smash the tips with pliers and break them into a crude brush, they work much better.