The Whole, Hurting World

My heart is bent and broken.
It bends from anguish, sorrow, hatred.
It breaks from cruelty, loss, death.
I cannot keep the world out of my heart;
Live streams and feeds tear it open every day.
Fear fills the fresh breaks,
Fear for the unloved, the rejected.
Fear for the parents who are now childless.
Fear for the lovers who have lost their love.
Fear that I will know the things they feel, intimately.
It. Breaks. Me.

My heart is full.
It fills with love, compassion, kindness.
It fills with little hugs and kisses.
It fills with the sound of laughter.
Unplugged moments heal my heart.
And I find that at least for today,
I will stand.
My heart will beat.
I will love.
The whole, hurting world.